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T&D Corporation offers wireless data logger systems and cloud services for industrial, public and private use.

Custom-made solutions enable simplified processes and access to precise data anytime and from any place.

The Japanese T&D Corporation was founded 1986 in Matsumoto. The company name derives from “try and develop” and emphasizes the company’s ambition to create innovative products with a high degree of practical usefulness. Today the company is the Japanese market leader for data loggers. Realizing that the future of data management would be in wireless solutions, a team of about 50 specialists are engaged in developing systems for industrial, public and private demands. Since 2003, T&D Corporation has been exporting its wireless data loggers worldwide. The company is represented through a European Sales Office located in Niddatal near Frankfurt. Data monitoring with networked data loggers not only helps to safeguard goods and processes, but also ensures accurate documentation of compliance with legal regulations, for instance EU guidelines for hygiene and quality. T&D systems fit individual needs, simplify processes and allow error free access to measured data at any time from any place.



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