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J+J Automation and specialists in actuated valve solutions, supplying electric valve actuators and electrically actuated valves, plus pneumatic actuators and a range of air actuated valves. With an IOS9001 approved Valve Actuation Centre at their Matlock works in the UK, JJ UK supply, assemble and bench function test every actuated ball valve and actuated butterfly valve they sell, ensuring that customers buy with confidence.
The J+J electric actuator is designed and manufactured by J+J in Europe and offers an array of user friendly features that make it a winner in over 70 countries worldwide. The J+J ‘S’ Type offers 24V to 240V multi-voltage capability, electronic torque limiting, thermostatic heater, selectable manual override and all external electrical connection.
It’s 2 key features are its multi-colour LED light that provides continuous visual status feedback to the user, and its ability to have its standard on-off function converted to make a failsafe electric actuator, a modulating electric actuator, or a failsafe modulating electric actuator simply by installing plug & play conversion kits.
Visit jjautomation.com and see how JJ UK can help you with your valve actuation requirements.

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